Spectacle Lenses

Digitally Customized Free-Form Technology

  • Minimises aberrations that occur in regular spectacle lens
  • Takes into account how the lenses are positioned in front of the eyes within a selected frame
  • Every point on the lens has a slightly different prescription to minimise distortion
  • Provides the most accurate lens power and clearest possible vision
  • Improve night and low light vision. The lenses can reduce glare and halo effects
  • Sharpen vision by improving contrast perception.
  • Brighter and more intense colour vision
  • With progressive designs free form customised lenses give you a larger reading area with practically no distortion
  • While everyone can benefit to a certain extent from customized lenses, people with complex prescriptions and progressive wearers will notice the greatest visual improvements.

Special Designs - Bifocals, Trifocal, Progressives


Contact Lenses


Vision Therapy