Facilities & Equipment

The practice has consciously invested in facilities and cutting edge equipment

Many spaces have been configured and furnished with the objective of ensuring children are at ease and engaged, this cultivates a positive attitude towards appointments as well as a general willingness to see their eye practitioner in the event of a problem. 

Refreshments and snacks are provided in the waiting areas. Be entertained by educational animations on our mega screen display about the eye and its common conditions. Tablets equipped with informative videos are also available.

Diagnostic Tools

Many technologically advanced machines, often particular to hospitals, are used at Stan Isaacs. This removes the need for external diagnosis and allows for non-invasive check-ups and comprehensive investigations. Such equipment enables practitioners to identify problems/changes at the cellular level, which can also aid in management of associated diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The accuracy of this technology will also ensure early detection of abnormalities, preserving best-possible vision via regular appointments and timely, targeted intervention.

A full eye exam will usually involve a sequential assessment of:

Family, Medical & Ocular History

A full eye exam will usually involve a sequential assessment of:

If an issue is identified, additional tests such as a Visual Field Analysis would be performed. An evaluation of risk factors, particularly from the patient’s profile, could also lead to additional tests using specialised equipment. Diagnostic equipment is often designed to analyse either the anterior (front) or posterior (back) portions of the eye, although some are used on structures in both segments.

Anterior Segment
Posterior Segment


Front of Eye

Anterior photography & analysis, lids to intra-ocular lens.


Back of Eye

Posterior photography & analysis, the hind 2/3 of the eye.


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