Sng Shi Min


Miss Sng Shi Min obtained Diploma in Optometry from Singapore Polytechnic. Besides learning from the books in school, Ms Sng gained ample of real life experiences from school attachments and internship which are highly applicable to what she is doing in Stan Isaacs.

Equipped with the skill set and knowledge to examine patients’ eyes, Shi Min strives to do the best for each and every patient she sees. As an Optometrist, she ensures that every patient is given a comprehensive eye check and that their visual needs are duly met. Being able to be part of helping someone see well motivates Shi Min to serve the community even better. Stan Isaacs provides Shi Min a platform to expand her knowledge and experience in various types of specialty contact lenses and ophthalmic lenses. With a whole range of products and tools at hand, she believes it is her duty to make use of them well to provide patients with quality eye care service.