Sheron Quak


Ms. Sheron Quak is a certified optometrist with over 5 years of experience. To fulfill her mission of delivering holistic eye care, she pursued further education with Aston university (UK) and graduated with a First-Class Honours in Optometry and Clinical Practice (Bsc) in 2021. Ms. Quak’s passion of optometry is not limited to local context; she has participated in overseas eye screenings and continues to expand her knowledge about optometry through local and international educational platforms.

Her friendly and caring disposition allows her to relate well to her patients and understand their needs. Trained in different aspects of optometry, Ms. Quak is a well-rounded optometrist who can provide eye care tailored to your needs in terms of primary eye care, contact lens fitting and spectacles correction. Presently, her interests include myopia management through orthokeratology, as well as detection and co-management of ocular pathologies.

Ms Quak is not only an accomplished and tenacious optometrist, she’s a proud pawrent of her adorable corgi.