Evon Liu


Evon is an alumnus of Singapore Polytechnic, where she obtained her Diploma in Optometry. Her pursuit in providing holistic eye care also led to her graduation from Aston University (UK) in 2017, with first class honours in Optometry and Clinical Practice (BSc). Since 2012, Evon has immersed herself in the optometric industry to accumulate extensive practical experience. These include her participation in both local and international screening programmes as well as work in several establishments (optical outlets and contact lens company).

She believes in tailoring eye care services and treatment to each individual, and strives to be a versatile and well-rounded optometrist. Due to her involvement in the various facets of Optometry, she has become proficient at conducting primary eye care examinations, fitting contact lenses, and prescribing spectacles.

In view of the numerous preventable pathologies associated with high myopia, Evon has recently diversified to specialize in Orthokeratology – an arm of Optometry that focuses on myopia control – in hopes of limiting its longitudinal negative impact on the community.

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